Hi! I’m Dani. I live in a small town north of Toronto but I spend a lot of time shooting in Toronto and around the world. When it comes to weddings I am all about the moments and the super fun stuff. We don’t have to spend an hour getting perfectly posed shots – I want to get to the nitty gritty of your day where all the action and love are. Your day is filled with your people who love you. I want to catch those tears, laughter and crazy dance moves with all the people who matter most to you. In fact, I will likely be dancing with you and your guests because when I hear that beat I cannot stop. What I am trying to say is I honestly hope your day isn’t perfect because we’d all get bored. I hope your day is full of moments that you will remember forever and when you look back on the photos I hope your heart is as full then as on the day of your wedding. So let’s get perfectly messy and wild. Let’s laugh, smile, and dance all day. I want to be part of your crew so contact me and we can arrange some kick butt photography plans!

Below is a photo of my husband and I taken by my friend Jennifer Moher. We’re all about the unexpected adventures <3