Romantic Elopement

Well this was the most romantic elopement EVER!

Josh and Kortney wanted something small, intimate and just for them and that is exactly what they did. They got engaged in October, e-mailed me, and just over a month later we were hiking through Haliburton to find the perfect ceremony spot and then continued exploring all day.

When I arrived in the morning I was greeted by a sweet little guy named Jackson. He already had my heart in Kortney and Josh’s photos because of his adorable, squishy face plus my pup’s name is also Jaxon. Match made in heaven I tell you.

Kortney made absolutely everything! She made her bouquet, the table settings, and Josh’s boutonniere.

Then the two of them got ready together up until the outfits where they went into separate rooms and then Josh and I headed out to the road to wait for his beautiful bride. Their first look was so emotional and sweet. He couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she was and she couldn’t stop wiping happy tears from her eyes.

We drove to an open field and walked toward pine trees where they shared their vows with the help of their friend Megan, who was the only other guest with us. The ceremony was short, way too sweet and full of love. Trying to take pictures through tears is something I have had to master.

When we got back to the cabin they rented they shared their first dance on the deck under string lights overlooking the lake at sunset. Yepp, that is what dreams are made of. Then we all did a collaboration for apps and dinner, which we shared together after our adventures – accompanied by some growlers of craft beer. And afterward Megan and I headed on our way so the newlyweds could have their first evening as a married couple.

One of my favourite things about this day was their laid back attitude and our slogan of the day, “It’s whatever!” haha – they were so relaxed and only focused on their love, which is exactly how it should be.

Josh and Kortney, congratulations on your day and thank you endlessly for having me there to witness it.

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