Surprise Wedding

When I got an e-mail from Kaitlyn asking me to shoot her and Corey’s surprise wedding I was so excited! I love unique ideas for weddings and this one did not disappoint.

When I first met the two of them on their day, they were completely calm and so sweet. It was a very, very rainy (and hailing) day and neither of them blinked an eye at it. “It is what it is” came out of both of their mouths and I couldn’t have been happier because a little rain never hurts. In fact, it creates the most beautiful light. They made no fuss all day about seeing each other, doing their photos, or anything that happened. We got some amazing photos of the two of them together before their ceremony at night where all of their guests showed up thinking it was Corey’s 30th Birthday party. The look they all had when they walked into a beautifully lit back yard filled with white chairs and a sign that read “SURPRISE! Welcome to our wedding!” was priceless, as you can see below.

We then went to NV Kitchen + Bar downtown Guelph. The appetizers were delicious, the music was amazing and the atmosphere was perfect for the bride and groom. Speeches were adorable and then Corey sang the song he wrote for Kaitlyn when he proposed and the guests were all in tears. These two were so sweet and knew exactly what they wanted on their day. I am so glad I was asked to be part of this.

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