Yorkville Wedding


Loni and Dan had their super laid back, awesome wedding downtown Toronto in Yorkville at a restaurant called Pangaea. I cannot say enough good things about every single aspect of their day.

The day was rainy and cleared just as I was walking into their condo. The two of them were together on and off through the day getting ready and when I arrived they were ready for their first look. They were immediately filled with laughter, jokes and smiles and I knew that these were my kind of people.

When Loni showed me her custom Nikes and told me she wished she could wear those (even though she had killer Michael Kors heels) I knew her and I were cut from the same cloth. Later during speeches when Dan was telling everyone how they got engaged and it had a whole lot to do with Loni being a huge animal lover, I was wondering if we might be long lost sisters. They even donated money to the Toronto Humane Society as their wedding favours… umm heart swells! I love them.

Needless to say, spending the day with these two was an honour. They were concerned about one thing and one thing only: having an amazing day with their family and friends. I am so happy that they did just that. They didn’t fuss with a first dance, they didn’t have any expectations of their day, they went with the flow and we had a blast.

Everything about their day was perfect. The weather (even though it was slightly cold and a tiny bit rainy, it was amazing), their attire was on point, their venue was beautiful, the food was delicious and the owner and staff were out of this world! The DJ from Bounce Entertainment was phenomenal. And most importantly, they were filled with the most beautiful love and it was so great being there to capture every one of their most important moments.

Thank you for having me and congratulations. You two are so wonderful.

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