A Glimpse of my Family

My awesome friend Danielle of Danielle Clements Photography came over to do a “day in the life” session with us and I decided to blog it to give everyone a glimpse of my family. I highly recommend getting her in your home to capture your real life. She rocked up just as we were rolling out of bed and we just went for it. The photos absolutely blew me away. I love every single one and I love how “us” they are in all of our messy imperfection. Danielle and I both love the moments and we don’t care if things aren’t perfectly in place or if one of us is making a funny face. Life isn’t perfect and both of our lives certainly aren’t. She didn’t ask us to do anything specific, we just played and laughed and did our normal daily things (other than me trying to get a photo with Jax and Big Cat in it at the same time – yeah it never really works lol). I was over at her house the other day and got a photo of her dog licking himself and her daughter picking her nose all in one photo and we both thought it was so good and had a good laugh. We’re just those kind of people. Real is awesome. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for these photos of me and my boys! We love every single one of these <3 Thank you oxox

Check Danielle’s work out here.