A Picnic Themed Wedding in a Garden

Katrina and Parker hosted a 60’s picnic themed wedding in a garden in Almonte, Ontario. The Herb Garden was the most perfect venue choice for it. The day was so beautiful, simple, well thought out and an absolute blast! Katrina was perfection in her elegant and stunning Theia Couture dress from Pearl & Dot bridal boutique.

One of my favourite parts of the day, as all of my favourite weddings go, is the zero stress and major love aspect of it. Their wedding planner Erin was a huge help in making this happen. She was organized, kind, and very aware of Kat and Park’s vision. She completely nailed it. It helped that Kat and Parker are the most laid back, thankful, and lovely humans. They really took on their day with ease and happiness, which is what it’s all about. Being emotional and being present in your love, your wedding celebration, and with your family and friends is what really makes a wedding day.

As per my usual… there’s probably one too many photos lol. I can’t help it, you people have my heart and soul and I cherish every moment I capture for you. Endless love my loves!

Read below for Katrina’s take on their day <3

How did you design your day?

The whole process felt easy… until the last two weeks. Parks and I played on our strengths. Parks is amazing at logistics and organizing vendors because of the days running the food truck. I worked on the atmosphere, decor and evoking all the feels. Everything seemed effortless as if we were forgetting something the whole time. As the date got closer the little things started to pop up and it became overwhelming but we divi’d up all the tasks and got’r done. The first thing we did was venue search. I found a bunch online that were beautiful and Parker called to get quotes. The Herb Garden was the only one that we could seemingly afford so we went and checked it out. It was perfect. They had two dates available for 2019 so we locked in July 13th. The date was set and everything else followed.

How did your day feel for you?

Overwhelming in the best possible way. It felt as though every good emotion under the sun was overflowing from every where. We were surrounded by all our absolute favourite people in the world and LOVE was everywhere. 

Why did you choose the vendors you did?

Short answer: What they all had in common: aside from offering great services/products they all had big hearts. They were just as excited for our big day as our families it seemed. 

Long answer: (too long in my opinion haha)We had just moved to Ottawa from Calgary so it wasn’t as though we had a million recommendations or knew exactly who to hire based on experience or word of mouth.
Meatings was an obvious choice as Parker is long time friends with the owners and their food is just delicious. Our friends and family is continuously telling us that it was the best food they’ve had at a wedding… So so good.

Hailey from Hailey Jane Jewellery and I had been chatting over instagram for over a year now, even when I was in Calgary. Just being each others anonymous cheerleaders as we had never met in person. When I couldn’t find the minimal jewellery I had imagined anywhere – I knew to reach out to her and we designed the pieces I wore together. She’s amazing.

Parks and I thought we could manage the wedding planning but I knew I’d want a day of coordinator. I didn’t want to think about anything on the day of aside from being in the moment – taking it all in. I never wanted to look at the clock and make sure we were on time. Cue Erin Roberts – an old friend of mine and my families from Barrie. She is a saint. Not only did she and her assistant keep us on schedule without ever feeling rushed or pressured and fulfill every drink or lip chap request – but she felt everything with us. 

Dani – the first vendor we locked in once we had our date. The most obvious of our vendors. A good friend of mine since high school and the most talented wedding photographer. She’s quick, she gets the shots you didn’t know you needed and she is bubbling over with love for – not only us – but each of our guests. Dani knows our style and saw my vision – she brought it all to life in our photos.

Avi – I met avi through a friend at work. She’s easy going and we chatted only briefly about the style I wanted for our signage because she got me and the vibe of the day. She crushed it. 

Fav part of the day:

Every. Single. Moment. I don’t think I could single one particular part. For us it was all about having our favourite people from all parts of our lives in one space. To name a few favourites though: getting ready with my girls & mom, walking down the aisle with my dad as my brother-in-law played my favourite Harry Styles song, seeing Parker at the end of the aisle, sharing laughs and tears at the altar with my now husband and all our friends, one epic kiss, seeing friends we hadn’t seen in years, laughing/crying during speeches and dancing/screaming the night away… so everything.

Photographer: Danielle Meredith Photography

Dress Shop: Pearl & Dot https://www.instagram.com/pearlanddot/

Dress Designer: https://theiacouture.com/

Custom Jewellery: Hailey Jane Jewelley https://www.instagram.com/haileyjanejewellery/

Planner/Coordinator: Erin & Kerri – Erin Roberts Wedding Planning https://www.instagram.com/bookwith_e/

Cater: https://www.instagram.com/meatings/

Venue: The Herb Garden https://www.instagram.com/theherb.garden/

Decor: Bride Katrina & her friend Deanna https://www.instagram.com/thedeannanicoleblog/

Signage / calligraphy signs (not including table setting cards that Park wrote himself: Avi Scribbles https://www.instagram.com/aviscribbles/

Florist: https://www.talismanflowers.com/