Bruce Trail Engagement

We had an amazing day hiking on the Bruce Trail for this engagement session. Frances is a friend of mine and we organized shooting together a few weeks ago only to recently find out that their couple’s session would now be an engagement session. I was so incredibly excited for them and we started brainstorming. Frances and Joel are very adventurous. They love camping, hiking, food, gin, whiskey, rock climbing and photography. Pretty much sums up what we did for our shoot ;) First we hung out in their rustic home that was built in 1890. Such a charming and interesting home. Truly incredible. Behind their home you can see Old Baldy where Joel proposed. From there we went by the Kimberley Town Hall where there is a beautiful pond behind. Then we drove to one of the many locations to park for the Bruce Trail. It was stunning. The path was filled with wild flowers and it smelled so sweet. We continued the hike on that trail to waterfalls where they took their shoes off and felt the fresh spring water on their feet. After that we went to the most unreal waterfall. I felt silly that I didn’t know places like Hoggs Falls existed. Now that I do know, I think I will be taking frequent trips. It was amazing. The next part was one of my favourites, Old Baldy. I had shivers at the endless views. The rain was sweeping across the hills and it couldn’t have looked more magical.

Joel & Frances, you two are one wonderful couple. Congratulations on your engagement.


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What wonderful photos, you two are the image of a perfect couple. All the best.