Collingwood Lakefront Cottage Wedding

This Collingwood lakefront cottage wedding was a barefoot on the beach, loving, laughing, DIY, awesome food, awesome people, sweet ass dance party kind of day. Oh my goodness did Dev and Ty ever do it up right. I had the honour of photographing Dev’s brother’s wedding, then her sister’s and then her’s and every single one of them was beautiful, emotional and amazing. Their family and friends have got to be some of the most fun people I have ever met (as you will see from the dance party photos at the end). They are also so welcoming and I now, and for a long time, have felt like a family member. So thankful to have been part of your day guys <3 Love you!


Devon’s hair, that flower crown, and her eyes… such vibrant, beautiful colours!

Can we talk about the monarch butterfly shot… Holy! Has anything ever lined up so perfectly before?? Wow! Incredible…