Jasper Alberta Road Trip




I travelled out west recently and one of my stops was Jasper, Alberta. We went on a road trip there from Calgary. A lot of these photos are from the car window because if we stopped as many times as I wanted to, we never would have made it. It’s way too beautiful. I already can’t wait to get back.

jasper-3 jasper-4 jasper-5 jasper-6 jasper-7 jasper-8 jasper-9 jasper-11 jasper-15jasper-12 jasper-13 jasper-14jasper-16 jasper-18 jasper-19 jasper-20 jasper-21 jasper-22 jasper-23jasper-26


Oh…look at all the mountain goats!!!! you got so close!!!!

Amazing shots Danielle!! :) .. Isn’t this place just incredible. <3