Photography Bucket List

I’ve always seen photographers do a photography bucket list of where they would like to shoot so I am totally jumping on that train! I’ve travelled to quite a few places in my time but really, the world is huge and there is so much more to see. If you or someone that you know is getting married, planning an elopement, or having a cool wedding in a unique destination then let me know. I’d love to tag along to capture the day.

Some places I would love to shoot:

(not the only places – I’d love to go everywhere!)






Costa Rica

New Orleans

East Coast Canada



New Zealand




There are quite literally hundreds more locations that I would love to shoot at but these are definitely my top destinations. Whether you live there and want me to come or we all go somewhere together – I am in! Even if we can’t work something out but you are heading somewhere I have been, I’d love to help! So far I’ve been to Australia (Perth, Cairns, Newcastle, Mission Beach, Brisbane, Magnetic Island, Surfer’s Paradise, Noosa, Byron Bay, Sydney), Portugal (Lisbon and a small village I can’t remember the name of), Greece (The Islands), France (Marseille, Cassis, Nice, Lac de St Croix, Corsica), Italy (Pigna, Cinque Terre, Florence, Tuscany), Mexico (El Pescadero, Todos Santos, Puerta Vallerta), Dominican, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Alberta, and California. I’ve been a few other places but I can’t quite remember all of them. You’ll forgive me right? If you have questions about travelling in any of those locations please feel free to visit the contact section of my website and shoot me an e-mail. I’m always happy to help.

Let’s go on adventures you beautiful souls! You can check out a few blogs from my travels to Europe and Mexico as well.

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