Playa Cabana Engagement

I was so excited when Calie e-mailed me telling me about her and Clark’s Mexico themed beach wedding in Turkey Point, ON. After spending the afternoon with them, I know it will be a killer wedding! In honour of the Mexico theme, for their engagement we went to Playa Cabana – Hacienda, a restaurant at Avenue and Dupont in Toronto. We ordered margaritas (duh!) and then chatted about what was going on in the world and life in general, and the two of them had me laughing until my face hurt. That is my ideal “engagement shoot” get together. I wish July was here already so we could be at their cottage on their wedding day. Just 8 months! It’s going to be a blast and I can’t wait to document it.

Side note: Clark’s name is actually Clark Kent… in real life.

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Beautiful young couple. So happy for you both.