Camping in Haliburton

As a wedding photographer you don’t get too many Saturdays off. I had this one weekend off until November so we went camping in Haliburton. It was the most beautiful day full of endless laughs with some of my best friends. We were out on an island that was nearly untouched. Nothing in sight but each other and the lake. My husband and I took a boat there, which was super fun all on its own but then we met up with these people and it was like paradise. Sometimes you forget to take some time away to be with friends and nurture your soul. It’s so good to get away. I sit at a computer now for about 75% of my life I would say. Not that I don’t like it. I love it. Looking through images I have taken that I know will make people so happy is wonderful to me. It does take a toll on your social life and I am learning how to step away from work and get back outside. I love these experiences and I love how rejuvenated I feel when I get back.

You people make my life amazing <3 Thanks for the great times oxox

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